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Product attributes can be used to personalize the products. There are several types of attributes that can be configured, starting from text field, checkbox, textarea, percent, integer, datetime, date, select.

Table of contents

Attributes List

To access attribute list click on "Attributes" link on the left sidebar. Attributes list page presents all attributes available for all products. Attributes can be filtered, edited or deleted. Each attibute has a unique code, name and type. 

Create new attribute

To create a new attribute click on "Create" button on the right top corner and select one attribute type from the list: text, checkbox, textarea, percent, integer, datetime, date or select. Attribute configuration page will appear to fill in  required data:

Field NameDescriptionRequired
CodeCode is a unique id of the attribute.x
PositionItem order when displaying attribute on the shop front product details page.
TypeType cannot be changed once set when creating new attribute.x
Min lengthMin length of the field.
Max lengthMax length of the field.
NameName of the attribute that will be displayed when configuring the product (Attributes tab) and when displaying on the Shop front in the product details -> Attributes tab. x

Edit attribute

To edit an attribute click on "Edit" button next to the attribute you would like to edit on the attributes list page.

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