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On this article we will explain process of adding a new product and also more advanced configuration options. 

Table of contents

Product list

To access the products list click on the Products link from the left sidebar. This link will take you to the list of your current products with basic information about each product, like Name, Status or Quick sell button which will be explained more detailed further in this article. Products can be filtered to match your search criteria.  

Create new product

To create a new product, choose Products link from the left sidebar, than click on "Create" button on the top right corner of the page. Once clicked a new page will open with Products sections which needs to be filled in to create a new product. Some tabs are mandatory and some are required. This table explain options more in details:

Details Tab:

Field NameDescriptionRequired
CodeCode is a unique id of the product. This is your own internal reference. It might be a number, or its reference from the storage location or its supplier, or anything that makes it uniquex
EnabledIf you do not want this product to be immediately available or visible to your customers, switch the option to "No".x
SubscriptionSubscription determines the time on which product download will be available. When set to "Perpetual", product will be available till manual cancelled by shop Administrator.x
Support periodDetermines the time on which product support (ticketing system) will be available for the product. When set to "Perpetual", product support will be available till manual cancelled by shop Administrator.x
Current stockDetermines the number of products available for the purchase.x
TrackedIf set to yes product stock will be counted, once runs out will be product will be unavailable for the purchase.
PriceProduct price nettox
Original priceIf the price was changed e.g. lowered will be displayed striketrough on red informing client about promotion.

If you use more than one language, for each language accordion menu will be displayed to fill in product name, descriptions etc.

Field NameDescriptionRequired

Give your product a name. Make it very short and descriptive, and choose your words wisely: your customers will rely on it when browsing your shop. Product name will appear in the search engine results.

SlugSlug is a unique name to build your product URL, it will automatically generated from the product name, can be changed manually.x
Meta keywordMeta keywords are used in search engines to categorize product.
Meta descriptionMeta description it is the short text just under the product title when using search engines. It is importat for SEO aspects.
Short descriptionEnables you to write a short description that will appear in search engines and in the product card next to the main product gallery.
DescriptionEnables you to write a full description of your product, which will appear on the product page details tab. Advanced text editor offers a wide range of options for creating visually attractive descriptions. 
Tax categoryChoose tax category if using any, taxes can be configure here.

Taxonomy Tab:

 Select in which category the product should appear. You can select more than one, but keep in mind that it is better for the customer if the category only contains equivalent and comparable products.

 "Black folder" means that category can be clicked to expand tree for child categories.

Field NameDescriptionRequired
Main taxon

Select root main category to which the product belongs. It will be used to access the product URL e.g. from the search engines.

Product taxon

Select other categories on which product can be found as well.

Attributes Tab:

Field NameDescriptionRequired

If configured an attributes can be assigned. It can be usefull to personalize the product. Attrubutes can be configured here

Associations Tab

Field NameDescriptionRequired


There can be products which works togtherer or they are similliar. With product associations can be linked each other and displayed under the product details page. It can be usefull e.g. for software extensions which can be purchased togheter.

Media Tab

Field NameDescriptionRequired


Upload product images. First uploaded image will be also a product thumbnail. Allowed files extensions are: jpg, jpeg, png, gif. Images will be presented under product gallery. Recommended minimum image width: 500px

Files Tab

Field NameDescriptionRequired


Upload product files. To create a product packages, multiple files can be uploaded. All files will be zipped into a single file which can be downloaded for the final user. Package file name will be a case lowerred product name with zip extension. If large files will be uploaded - waiting upload time can be extended. it mainly depends on your upload speed of the Internet connection.

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