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What are Taxons?

Taxons are more likely categories where products can be categorized or grouped. You can build any categories tree based on your needs. Taxons works in a hierarchical way e.g. for software you may use: 

Category (main category)
-- Wordpress Extensions
-- Joomla Extensions
-- Templates
    -- Joomla Templates
    -- Worpdress Templatess
In order to display Taxons as menu on the Shop Front, main (root) category name should be "Category"

 Any type of tree can be build in a flexible way. Once created a menu will be displayed on the Shop Front under main header bar:

Create a new Taxon

To create a new taxon, choose "Taxons" from the right sidebar and than click on Create button. On the right panel a new taxon options will become available. There are couple of fields which requires attention:

Field NameDescriptionRequired
CodeCode is a unique id (name) of the taxon. Should be lowercase with no special characters.x
ParentIf you wish to create a subcategory belonging to a category other than the home page, choose the category under which it will appear.
NameGive your category a name. Make it very short and descriptive, and choose your words wisely: your customers will rely on it when browsing your shop.
SlugSlug is a part of the URL which will be visible when browsing the category.
DescriptionPlace a description of the category, which will explain more in details what category contains.
MediaClick on "Add" button to upload an image from your computer which will represent this category. It will appear on the category's page.

Add taxon:

Edit/Delete Taxon, set Order

To edit taxon click on "Pen" icon under the taxon you would like to edit. To delete the taxon click on red "Bin" button. You'll be asked to confirm. Once confirmed taxon will be removed. To order taxons click on arrows button to move up or down in the hierarchy.